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Welcome to CyberStyling Web Design Essentials - Character Counter

Use this handy tool to format your ads, articles and e-mail, or use it as a character counter to stay within meta tag character limitations.
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Formatter Provided by BusiToolz.com... "On-line Small Business Tools  You Can Afford to Use"

Format Your Ads / Articles / Emails

Character Count (Spaces count):
Line Count (Blank lines count):
Word Count (Counts spaces between words):
(Extra spaces are counted!)
Longest Line:


 Select All        Copy To Clip Board

Maximum Line Length:

Type or Paste your Ad / Article /
EMail into the Text Area.

The statistics will update as you
edit your document.

Enter your *Maximum Line Length*
and click the *Format* button to
format your document accordingly.

Use the *Select All* and *Copy to Clipboard* options when you
are finshed.

Paste the finished document into your own application.

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There are two known issues with this Formatter:


If you are using a URL with a space in it then it CAN possibly be split and formatted onto two different lines. Please proof read and verify your entire document after formatting. Double check the URL's. It is your responsibility to correct broken links. This is only an issue if your URL has a space in it.


When you click the format button the program will attempt to retain all of your paragraphs. However, the only way to recognize the
paragraphs is by the blank line that separates them. This works fine as long as you place a blank line between all paragraphs.

However, look at the following 3 signature lines:

Jim Hamlin

These lines are formatted just as I want them. The problem is that the formatter isn't going to understand to keep them on different lines because there are no blank lines between them. As far as the formatter knows they all belong to the same paragraph and can
be put on one line if they fit. After formatting, the 3 lines are going to look like:

Regards, Jim Hamlin

This is obviously not what I wanted but the formatter has no way of knowing that. It knows to keep paragraphs ONLY when there is a blank line separating them.

Suggested fix:

You need to always, always proof read / edit your finished document and fix this if it occurs.

If you are working on a document that you are going to format several times and don't want to have to fix this each time then double space the lines, temporarily. The formatter will then know to keep them that way and you only need to fix it once, during your final edit.

For example:


Jim Hamlin


Now the formatter understands that these lines are to be kept separate. When you do your final edit then you can remove the blank lines.

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